Anywhere but at the beginning

3 Jun

Hey there!  Welcome.  I’d like to tell you that this will be an awesome award-winning blog about really important stuff.

I’d be lying.

This is just a blog.  For me, the closeted writer.  With leanings toward a fairly social nature, on the days I’m playing well with others.  Proudly family oriented (read: stay at home mom) but ever in need of a “purpose.”

Sometimes I hesitate to write because I’ve been burned in the past (think letter to friend who dropped me for new friend who was my old friend – ok, we were 18, but nonetheless, those things stick with you).   Sometimes I fear I’ll never have time to sit down and say everything I’d love to say in the way I’d love to say it.  Can you say four kids?  And sometimes I have a tendency to say the things no one else will say, but everyone is thinking.

So, I’ll try to be a less is more kinda gal.

And, I’ll try to be positive since so many seem to insist that we be positive all the freakin’ time.  But I’ll be honest with you, I’m an emotional gal and a strong believer in a little bit of everything.  Happy would have no meaning if we didn’t experience the opposite emotions.  If you never did anything, you wouldn’t need to de-stress.  If we didn’t fight, how could we kiss and make up?  You get my drift.

Occasionally, I may post a photo or two, and you may or may not care about them.  You may feel critical of my lack of photo-journalistic talent (and you’d be spot on in criticizing my inability to discern a frame from a stop from a whatever it’s called).  Let me apologize in advance.  I’m struck by a moment, I take a picture, I post (not always in that order).

You are welcome to come and go as you please.  Just please be sure to close the door behind you (I’m no fan of flies).

I love, yes love, to interact with others (on my mostly good days) and comments are always welcome (spam, not so much).

I can almost guarantee that I will not be posting daily, ever, but will post regularly and as often as my whims of fancy allow (problems? find me a nanny and then we can talk).

Did I leave anything out?  I’m sure I did, but we’ll have plenty of time to talk about that later.


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