Finding Inspiration and Focus

28 Jun

A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all.  ~Rita Mae Brown

Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness. ~Samuel Beckett

One of the most difficult challenges a writer faces is the task of finding inspiration on days when one is uninspired.  On a good day, writers are inspired to write with a flow that could fill dozens of time-worn journals.  On a bad day, writing becomes a four letter word.

If you write, you know what I mean.

As of late (late being the past 5+ years of my life), I’ve struggled to find time to write.  But as a mother of four, those are fleeting moments.  And when I do find time my inspiration is scattered.  Should I “mommy” blog?  Nah, not really for me.  Should I write for someone else (another blog,, eHow)?  I tried that for a hot minute on a certain site that shall remain nameless and was extremely disappointed by the work to return ratio.  For as much work as it takes to write for a topic generation site, one might as well start one’s own business – which is what this writer is working on doing.

In the meantime, I’m still drawn to writing.  When you dream of the written word, you know what your calling is.

On certain days, I’m inspired to blog about technology (you’ve seen my blog 140 ChitChat, a blog that died a sudden death when all posts were lost and now is in the process of being rebuilt).  I’m inspired by current events, but shy away from blogging about such topics because I’m really not interested in sparking political debates online.  Need time to sort out my own politics first, doncha know, although 30 more days of “spilling” oil may cause me to rethink that philosophy.  And, of course, I’m inspired by life, my family, my children.

In a good month, I may have time to do three really good blog posts.  One must go to my business site, one must go to 140 ChitChat and one currently is dedicated to this site, at this time.

I really don’t lack inspiration, and it may seem as though I lack focus, but really I’ve thrown several balls in the air while still in the process of learning how to juggle.  Learn as you go is a tough way to grow.

The best solution I’ve found to date is taking the plunge into hiring a few great people to help me out, writers, a VA, etc.  While it’s always hard to share the reins, especially when it comes to writing, I know the payoff in the end will be 10 fold.

Meanwhile, I’ll plug forward, undaunted.  And I’m ever so grateful for the constant inspiration life brings, the wonderful friends I’ve found in my social networking ventures, and the graciousness of my readers to walk the road with me.


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