Day in the Life

8 Jul
This evening, random chatter at the dinner table turns into:

Kiddo #2: Stop that! No I’m not.
~pause for mother trying to plug in to what just happened~
Kiddo #3: Yes you are.
Kiddo #4: Yah, yah. You too are.
~she’s two~
Kiddo #2 throws his hands in the air with great dramatic flair.
Kiddo #2: I am NOT.  Mom, they keep saying I’m bossy…
Kiddo #3: Well, you are.
Kiddo #4: Yah, yah.
Me: Wait a minute…
~brief pause for mother still trying to catch up~
~yelling very loud bantering ensues~

Me: Ok, hold on..
~more pause time for mother trying to figure out how to handle bossy child whose feelings are now hurt and still allow for sibling truth moment~
Kiddo #4: You are too, you bossy, you bossy, yes you do….
Kiddo #3 is too busy eating to chime in at the moment.
Kiddo #2 is sulking in his chair, glaring at me (what’d I do?)
Me: Ok, now, you two that’s not nice, you hurt your brother’s feelings.
Kiddo #3: Ok (as in yeah, ok, so what)
Me to Kiddo #2: That hurt your feelings?
Kiddo #2: Yes.
Kiddo #4: Yah yah. (getting any ideas on who the instigator will be…?)
Me to Kiddo #2: Maybe, perhaps, you should try working with your siblings when you play…
Kiddo #2: I DO. I always DO.  I always tell them how to play and what to do.
~I am not making that up~
Me: Well, maybe, next time, we can do it in a nicer way, eh?
Kiddo #4: Yah yah, nice way.
Kiddo #3 is still munching away….
Kiddo #2: Ok (shrugs and walks away).
Kiddo #4: Yah, yah yah. Nice, nice, nice.
Kiddo #3 just looks at me and smiles.

Somehow, I feel like I fell right into that.


One Response to “Day in the Life”

  1. melissajdixon July 21, 2010 at 2:57 am #

    Ahaa! I love it. Yes, the manipulation of children is a tricky little thing. They are so smart. But I always tell mine: “You can’t trick the trickster.”

    And I always hope my words are true. =\

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