I’m the creator/editor of 140ChitChat.com.

Beyond that?

Suffice to say, my name is Susan.  Which is so common as to be rendered, at times, useless.  Fortunately, I’m Mommy at home, so all is not lost.

Why do we always want to “know” about each other?

Does it tell you enough about me to say that on any given night you can catch me reading Shakespeare, Spin mag, or Dean Koontz?  I listen to the Beatles, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Dixie Chicks, classical, Bob Marley, jazz, Motown, Nirvana, Tori (yes, Amos), U2,  STP, and more jazz.

Well, ok, fine, I’m nothing that you’d expect me to be if you’d just met me on the street or even if you grew up with me.  Simply by society’s definitions (read: constraints) I defy definition.  Too much to say in so little space.

Read the blog, get to know me, and then, if you still have questions, ask away.


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