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Can I get an Island with that Vowel?

21 Jul


So today I randomly tweeted with a gal I’m connected to @nachtschwarmer.  She’ll be out of a job soon and tweeted that she’d gotten a first interview on her search for a new job.  Hooray, said she.  I agreed.

I don’t know Tania outside of Twitter, so I always make a point of taking that time to browse through a tweep’s bio & blog/website whenever we “engage” in convo.  That’s my way of staying on top of my social networking sphere.

Her Twitter bio led me to her website (did I mention she’s looking for a J.O.B.?), which in turn led me to her Tumblr blog.  Her Tumblr blog had a post from The Daily What (another website) with a picture of an awesome island abode and that post came from here:

Epic House is Epic

Did you catch that?  Did you click on that link?  Well, did-ja??  What a house! What an absolutely freakin’ awesome way to live.  Yeah, yeah, I know, where’s the bathroom they say… That’s not the point!

My overtaxed, rushed and harried brain went … Ooooo.  And then it said Aaaahhhh.  Ooohhhhh. Cue the dreams (just saw Inception, excellent!) of me, dear hubby, and the four kids whisking off to some remote island to live in peaceful, harmonic bliss….

And now for the kicker, here’s how my brain works:

See picture of blissful, romantic hut on some remote island.

Find out where said island is (in this case Bali).

Head over to Google (what else?).

Run a quick search on houses/abodes available for sale in this locale.

Realize that said island is very remote, so chances of DH finding an English speaking job to “transfer” to are practically nil.

Google houses available for short term rent on said island.

Bingo.  Find a reasonable alternative to buying in paradise.

Realize that island living comes with rather large pests.

Head back over to Google and search for common pests in said locale.

Run across this other blog that mentions a trip to Fiji and mosquito netting around each bed (argh! mosquitos? doesn’t that mean malaria risk), read through article only to find out that mosquito netting isn’t for mosquitos at all, but rather for spiders (ick!) the size of a human hand (WHAT?!?!)…

Ok, that’s Fiji, not Bali (yes, I do know a bit of geography).  Regardless, they’re not THAT far away from each other either.  So…

Google to see which islands have the least pest problems.

Find out that Hawaii, Ireland, and New Zealand are the only islands without snakes.

~Oh snakes!! That’s right.  Don’t particularly care for snakes either…~

Read further to discover that Hawaii MAY indeed actually have snakes, scratch that one, really not an option anyway being the most expensive of the three.

Make a note to self that future family vacation to Ireland will be that much nicer knowing there are no snakes.  Probably too cool there for snakes anyway.  By the same token, too cool for me to enjoy what I want out of an island, which is warm, tropical weather.

Remember seeing a list on Forbes of the top places to live in the world.  Check list.  Yes, there it is.  New Zealand.

Narrow in on New Zealand, which has the friendliest people this blogger has ever run across.  Haven’t  been there, but have met more than a few traveling Kiwis and they rock!

Wind up here, looking at pictures of quaint, not-too-remote, houses on NZ.

Now if I could just find a tropical part of New Zealand where we could afford to live, work, and buy a house, I’d be all set…


What was I doing here anyway?